Name: Eurocorpse [TM] Spin Chip
Commonality: Uncommon
Installationcost: 6
Type: Hardware - Chip
Game Text: Put [2] from the bank on Spin Chip when it is installed. Spin Chip can have an icebreaker installed in it whose MU cost is no greater than 1. Use the bits on Spin Chip only to pay for using this icebreaker during runs. If you use any of these bits, replace them from the bank at the start of your next turn.
Illustrator: Doug Shuler
Sets: v2.1

Card Spotlight by Oliver Smolorz

Chips are useful tools for the Runner. There are three kinds of them. The first one, which is used very often, gives the Runner more memory to install programs. The second one (also frequently used) provides a bigger hand size. The last one, which I havn't seen very often outside Sealed Deck tournaments, provides bits for paying the cost of Killer-type icebreakers during runs. But there is one chip, the Eurocorpse Spin Chip (from Proteus), that doesn't fit into one of the above mentioned categories, and that I haven't seen anytime anyone playing with. Since I like experimenting with cards that are not commonly used, I have put the Eurocorpse Spin Chip into some of my decks and have learned that it has some considerable abilities. Read on about the advantages and disadvantages I have found for the Eurocorpse Spin Chip, understand that it is not as bad as you might have thought the first time you saw it, and test it.

Similar to the Cortical Cybermodem, the Eurocorpse Spin Chip can be regarded as a combination of some other cards. First, it provides [2] every turn for paying Icebreakers like the ZZ22 Speed Chip (Cost: 5), and second, it gives the Runner + 1 MU like the WuTech Mem Chip (Cost: 1). Hence, the Eurocorpse Spin Chip is two cards in one card, costing the same as these two cards together. This means that you play one card, pay the cost and one action, and get the bonus of two cards. You save one action and one card and don't have to pay additional bits (an advantage the above mentioned Cybermodem does not have). You spare a card in your deck which can be replaced by some other card. But the Eurocorpse Spin Chip has even more favors for the Runner:

But beside all the advantages, the Eurocorpse Spin Chip has also some mentionable drawbacks. First, it has a relatively high installation cost, but with a good bit engine this shouldn't be a problem. Or try playing with The Shell Traders. If you have the time, The Shell Traders can do the job for you, saving your money for other useful actions. Or use the MU saved for installing a Newsgroup Filter.

Second, the Eurocorpse Spin Chip is a Non-Cybernetics-Hardware such that the Corp can trash it by using Power Grid Overload, Homewrecker or Cinderella. And if he trashes the chip he also trashes the icebreaker inside such that you might loose two vital cards during one action of the corp.

I made the following experience with Eurocorps Spin Chip in my decks: I am working on a Hardware Deck using icebreakers like Big Frackin' Gun and Pile Driver, which I installed inside the Eurocorpse Spin Chip, but the Eurocorpse Spin Chip works absolute fine with every other high cost icebreaker as well. End even a low cost icebreaker can benefit from the bits granted by the Eurocorpse Spin Chip. Try it in combination with Stealth Programms and a good Deck, and if the cards come up right, you have a Deck which runs through a data fort without using any bits from your bitpool. Or if you are playing a Deck with many programms, you can install your icebreaker into the Eurocorpse Spin Chip and neither have to rely on Succubus nor have to save initial MU Space by installing Demon into Demon into Demon. And if you spend a little time on thinking about it, you might even find other good ways to use the card.

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