Name: Food Fight
Commonality: Common
Rezzingcost: 4
Type: Ice - Sentry - DecKrash
Game Text: Food Fight has one "*End the run" subroutine for every [2] you pay, above the rez cost, when you rez it.
Strength: 3
Illustrator: Mark Rattin
Sets: v2.1

Card Spotlight by Chris Wagner (Foolkiller)(was: Card of the Day #18)

Food Fight is a great piece of Ice for several reasons. First, it is not Black, or AP, so it can't be dodged by any of the avoidance cards like Simulacrum. Second, the only subroutines it has are "End the run." routines, which are the best kind in most cases. Third, it is a sentry, which is an expensive Ice type, which can support as many subroutines as you can afford.

Compared to Pi in the 'Face, Food Fight cost one extra bit to gain the same net result (i.e. a strength 3 sentry with one End the run subroutine). However, for every 2 extra bits, you gain another subroutine. This gives you the flexibilty to use them if they will help, or to skip them if it would not be profitable. The one bit difference is almost certainly worth the flexibility offered by this Ice. Thus, if your opponent is using Black Dahlia, it can be very useful to add several routines to put more financial drain on the Runner. If they have Forward's Legacy, extra routines would be pointless.

Food Fight works great in a simple Ice strategy which only seeks to deny the runner entrance into data forts without garnering any extra effects. Thus, a simple Code Gate and Wall of choice make perfect compliments to force the runner to find all three breakers or to use a generic breaker. Of course, Gatekeeper and Sandstorm are great choices. This utility allows the Corp to find the weakest breaker in the Runner's suite and take advantage of it, while using the other Ice to force the use of all breaker types.

Upgrades and other cards which affect the subroutines on rezzed Ice work very well with cards like Food Fight. Crystal Palace Station Grid makes all the routines cost an extra bit; Ice Transmutation doubles the routines on the rezzed Food Fight while adding to its strength as well.

Since the routines must be broken the Runner has no options with regards to simpler solutions to breaking the Ice. Access through Alpha reduces the effectiveness of trace Ice; Enterprise, Inc., Shield and Force Shield take the sting out of Net damage; Anonymous Tip derezzes Black Ice, etc.. Simple End the run routines can't be dodged so easily. This also guarnatees that any Ice you draw can immediately protect your fort. There's almost nothing worse than drawing nothing but Ice that won't actually stop the Runner when you really need it.

Both Food Fight and Pi in the 'Face are highly under-rated pieces of Ice. They may not be fancy or tricky, but they are fundamentally solid cards which accomplish a simple task in an efficient and flexible way. If you are looking for basic utility, Food Fight is an excellent choice for your Corp deck.

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