Name: Lifesaver [TM] Nanosurgeons
Commonality: Rare
Installationcost: 1
Type: Hardware - Cybernetics
Game Text: A: Draw two cards. Use this ability only if you were damaged during any of your last three actions.
[T]: Prevent 1 brain damage.
Illustrator: Doug Shuler
Sets: v1.0

Card Spotlight by Matthias Nagy

One of the hardest to get uncommons for the Runner is Bodyweight Synthetic Blood. Why? Because it gives you five cards in one action. You get all the other cards you need faster on your hand. Some people prefer Jack'n'Joe, because they hate to drop cards at the end of turn, or just because they don't need money to draw the cards.

So what's the deal with Lifesaver Nanosurgeons? It allows you to draw cards faster. It has almost the speed of Jack'n'Joe, as Jack'n'Joe needs itself everytime it will be played. But here you can change any card at random into a 2/3 Jack'n'Joe. When you run you can say you take the damage of a ice subroutine, just to draw more cards there after. Additionally it can also be used next turn, because, it just says during your last three actions. It can even be used more than once, so you can change one card into six.

It combines very good, with the Trainspotting deck, consisting of Lucidrine Booster Drugs or can be used to exhausting with Blink Decks. When I draw one in Sealed I put it in. Almost everytime I change one of the crap cards on my hand against some fast draw abbilities. Together with Crash Everett, Inventive Fixer I see 20% of my deck in a single turn!

If it is used up, as the deck no longer gives you any cards to search for, you can still use it to prevent one brain damage from any subroutine. All that in a Cybernetic Hardware with a laughable cost of only [1], is really a sould be played card.

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