Name: Obfuscated Fortress
Commonality: Rare
Rezzingcost: 4
Type: Upgrade
Game Text: At the start of a run on this fort, Runner must announce the number of bits he or she will spend during the run. Runner cannot spend more than this during that run. If Runner does not spend that many bits during that run, the Runner loses the remainder once the run is complete. You may rez Obfuscated Fortress at the start of a run on this fort.
Trashingcost: 0
Illustrator: Mark Rattin
Sets: v2.1

Card Spotlight by Doug Caspian-Kaufman

This upgrade is expensive and costs 0 to trash, so it appears to be a one-shot. And so it is, but it has some spectacular uses.

In combination with any Corp card at all that has a variable (Dr. Dreff, Emergency Rig, any ice that traces) you will force the runner to anticipate spending, which can be a nice drain on his resources... but once all the ice is known on a fort, the Obuscated Fortress's use goes down. However, don't forget... can upgrade HQ and R&D as well, Consider: the Runner makes a Custodial Position run with two R&D Interfaces, an R&D Mole, and a couple of Highlighter counters on you. He may very well draw seven Agenda points on a run like that, and if he has any already... well... but with Obfuscated Fortress in play, he'll have to announce whether he's paying for the R&D Mole at the start of the run. And if you use Fetal AI (costs two to steal) and he comes up with any of those... too bad, perhaps he didn't budget for them and cannot steal them. And an unrevealed Red Herrings combined with the Obfuscated Fortress may mean he can steal no Agenda at all from that run.

Finally, if he does come up with less than the winning amount of Agenda, he might not be able to trash all those lovely nodes and upgrades he accesses instead... since he probably didn't budget for them.

If you use any Setup!s and the Runner is relying on Entreprise, Inc., Shields to suck up the net damage from such a big R&D run, he also must pay "in anticipation" of finding a few, which depletes his resources nicely.

Matthias also points out the usefulness of Rio de Janeiro City Grid with the Obscated Fortress. Remember that Rio de Janeiro City Grid causes the Runner to jack out on a roll of one after each piece of Ice... in and of itself this doesn't cause variable spending, but if the Runner has allocated bits to passing further pieces of Ice, trashing upgrades (including Rio de Janeiro City Grid and the Obuscated Fortress!), stealing cost-to-steal agenda, protecting from traps etc. etc. etc. he's going to be very very sad if he rolls that 'one.' And the real beauty is that there is no card he can have or Icebreaker he can possess that will protect him from that 17% chance of blowing a huge wad of much-needed cash.

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