Name: Pattel's Virus
Commonality: Uncommon
Installationcost: 1
Type: Program - Virus - 1 MU
Game Text: Whenever you make a successful run, put a Pattel counter on a piece of ice that had all its subroutines broken during that run. Each Pattel counter on a piece of ice reduces its strength by 1.
The Corp may remove all Virus counters by forgoing its next three actions.
Illustrator: Sue Ann Harkey
Sets: v1.0

Card Spotlight by Lutz Hofmann

Weakening of Ice

When you successfully ran a fort you broke most of its ice. Exceptions are Ice which just traces like Cinderella, gives a buyout like Coyote, passed by other means like Inside Job, Simulacrum or Shield. The first put a drain on Corps bits, the second are cheap to break (strength 0) or the buyout is cheap. The third variety can be avoided by not including such cards. But Using one or the other of these lets you put the Corp off track as they were not expected.

Using breakers with random strength you better your odds of rolling. You should be prepared to break the subroutines. You can include Bulldozer to get bonus breaks on sentry routines following a wall.

Foregoing actions

With central dataforts weakening by the run the Corp has regularily either to install new Ice, which has no Pattel's Virus counters, yet or to forego actions to strengthen its defense. Both is beneficial to the Runner. Only if the Corp has special Upgrades, Agenda or Nodes to raise the strength of Ice. e.g. Data Masons, Encoder, Antiquated Interface Routines, Black Ice Quality Assurance etc., can it postpone the above countermeasures.

Saving bits

As the Runner does not need to pump its icebreakers as much, he saves bits on the runs. A single run with two Pattel's Virus can severly damage the Corps defenses to the point were running does not cost much.

Compare it to Clown

Clown only weakens the Ice. It weakens it only once, but does it for all Ice. Pattel's Virus can repeatedly weaken Ice. The situation can become untolerable for the Corp forcing it to forego actions. This choice introduces another source for misjudgements for it.

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