Name: Prearranged Drop
Commonality: Rare
Playingcost: 0
Type: Prep
Game Text: The next time you access an agenda this turn, gain [6].
Illustrator: David Seeley
Sets: v2.1

Card Spotlight by Matthias Nagy

There are many different bit gaining mechanisms in Netrunner. One of the most popular ones is provided by Loan from Chiba; [12] for one action is really a thrill. The next best I think is the Organ Donor and Bodyweight Synthetic Blood combo, which makes [10] out of [2] in two actions, that's [4] per action. In contrast to this, the title card gives you [6] in a single action, and you don't even need any bits. In this it is far better than Livewire's Contacts or Score!, yes, even better than Drone for a Day. You only have to access an agenda. And if you play more than one Prearranged Drop, you still need only this one agenda.

Nevertheless, if you don't access an agenda, you gain nothing. Action lost. Card Lost. But there are several ways to handle this problem. Combine Prearranged Drop with some frequently played cards such as Technician Lover, Deep Thought or R&D-Protocol Files. You look at the top card or cards of the R&D and know exactly when to run. You save actions and money. And you know when to play this card. If you want to see what's in a subsidiary data fort, there are enough cards to find this out, too, such as Mouse and SeeYa.

You can even mar some cruel Upgrades of the Corp. If he installed Red Herrings, Prearranged Drop earns you the bits to pay Red Herrings off and even trash it, without reckoning. If he installed Bizarre Encryption Scheme, it may give you the bits to make another run this turn, steal the agenda and let the Corp look like some stunned statue. And if you can't steal the agenda, you still get the bits, since you just have to access it.

Some may compare this card with Promises, Promises, but this is not the crucial point. How many Promises, Promises do you need in a game? Usually only one - the one to give you the winning agenda point (e.g. if the Corp is playing with Corporate War. If he plays with Tycho Extension you can't get any use out of Promises Promises unless you are playing three of them.
Briefly, you usually need the money and not the agenda point. Even if you sell the agenda point to a Databroker you run much better with Prearranged Drop, taking into account used cards and actions and the timing (Upgrades).

So try a new deck and test whether you're able to get the utmost out of this card.

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