Name: Self-Modifying Code
Commonality: Rare
Installationcost: 2
Type: Program - 2 MU
Game Text: [T]: Search your stack for a program and install that program, if you can. Shuffle your stack afterwards. Use this ability only during a run.
Illustrator: Jonnie Wilder
Sets: v1.0

Card Spotlight by Matthias Nagy

How often have I seen people comnplaining about this Card. They compare Self-Modifying Code to Mystery Box or Sneak Preview. Both of these Cards are really cool. But they are designed for a diffrent purpose.
When you compare Self-Modifying Code with another Card then compare it with Temple Microcode Outlet and with The Short Circuit.

The Short Circuit is the Resource, which let you pay [1] and an action to install itself, [1] and an action to search for a program, and the full cost and an action to install the program.
Temple Microcode Outlet let you do the same as a Prep, so single use and one action and [1] saved. But you still have to pay the full cost for the program using an action.
Self-Modifying Code as aprogram lets you pay [2] and an action to install itself. After that you only have to pay the Installation cost of the program but no additional action is required.

So the first big diffrence between Self-Modifying Code and Temple Microcode Outlet is that you need [1] more to play it and you save an action. We all should now that you can gain more than [1] in this action you saved. Additionally the bits can also be saved if we allready have an Zetatech Software Installer. At the moment there is no way to save the bit for Temple Microcode Outlet. Last but not least you can save more bits, as you can use bits from Lucidrine Booster Drug to install the program, in this case you can install a AI Boon on your first turn. You can even use this ability during an encounter with a piece of ice, making it superior to Mystery Box in this case. You can search for a program you need right now, and you don't have to use Morphing Tool, Fubar or Bartmoss Memorial Icebreaker.

How many times does it happend to you that you are short of only one action to make this devasting run, which would ruin the Corp. But instead the Corp Scores the winning Agenda. Here you can save actions. Add a Joan of Arc and you can reuse Self-Modifying Code saving you even more actions. And it is even cheaper than The Short Circuit. If you find a Self-Modifying Code in your Sealed Deck, use it, it can give you a big boost concerning the speed.

The only problem of Self-Modifying Code is that takes 2 MU to be used. Which can be more than you can offer. But installing only one WuTech Mem Chip or Zetatech Mem Chip or even an Afreet, could give you enough room. As most decks includes on of these cards anyway, it shouldn't be any problem. On the other hand you don't need this if you search for your first or second program with Self-Modifying Code.

Comparing the one negative and all the positive aspects of Self-Modifying Code, I wonder why it hasen't been used before in any mass.

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