Name: Stereogram Antibody
Commonality: Rare
Rezzingcost: 0
Type: Node - Ambush - Virus
Game Text: When Runner accesses Stereogram Antibody from the Archives, do 1 Net damage and shuffle Stereogram Antibody into R&D.
Trashingcost: 0
Illustrator: John Sledd
Sets: v2.1

Card Spotlight by Lutz Hofmann

No safe fort left

Stereogram Antibody, the card which makes the last safe fort risk to run. It is only active in the archives, a fort where the runner could safly collect bits for successful runs from Karl de Veres, Corporate Stooge on runs provided by Wilson Weeflerunner Apprentice or Bodyweight Data Crèche

Decoy as usual

As every node and upgrade it can be used as a decoy in a subsidary data fort.

Surprise arrived in Archives

Even when it is installed it can arrive in the Archives as surprise. When the Runner makes a successful run on Archves just trash Stereogram Antibody. So the runner is bound to access it.

Reshuffle from the Archives

Upon access from the Archives Stereogram Antibody is reshuffled into R&D. This helps when you recently used Planning Consultants or simmilar card which let you look at your R&D. Unfortunatly you have no control over the time when this happens, so do not reley on this. Maybe you want to make the Archives more attractive for the Runner.

Minor thickening of R&D

When Stereogram Antibody is reshuffled into R&D it thickens it by one card, which makes it a little bit harder to run you out of cards, but this is not a very significant effect.

Runners do not trash it

Most of the times the Runner do not like to help you delivering Stereogram Antibody to the Archives. Not when it is installed and not when it is discovered in HQ. So when the Runner runs multple times onto R&D he or she could toy with the idea to trahs it nevertheless in order to access other cards on the following runs. The trash cost of [0] helps here.

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