Name: Terrorist Reprisal
Commonality: Rare
Playingcost: 2
Type: Prep
Game Text: Play only if the Corp scored any Black Ops agendas during its last turn. The Corp discards five cards at random.
Illustrator: Mark Collen
Sets: v1.0

Card Spotlight by Lutz Hofmann

Condition often fulfilled

In order to gain bits the Corporation often scores Corporate War, which has an excellent difficulty/ agendapoints ratio as well. Also Political Overthrow, which is used to maximize the cardcount on business cards is Black Ops. The current (June '97) test of World Domination decks lets you use this card against a fun deck, too ;).

Corporate Coup, Politcal Coup, and Detroit Police Contract are also Black Ops. That is to say Black Ops agenda are popular.

Discard HQ

All cards in HQ are discarded. You often face only one subsidary datafort. This is used for everything the corp wants to do. Therefore agendas have to queue in HQ, before they can be advanced. If the Corporation is into speedadvancement, agenda has to wait for sufficient bits and the right Operation (Management Shake-Up, Falsified-Transactions Expert, Systematic Layoffs, ...). In any case HQ is rife for the picking.

The next action is off course a run on the up to now unprotected Archives.

Surprise Factor

The Corporation cannot see this Prep coming. And it has no countermeasures. It can preempt and install ice on Archives, which is needed on forts containing agenda in any event.

Comparison to Synchronized Attack on HQ

Terrorist Reprisal is cheaper. Terrorist Reprisal needs only one action. Synchronized Attack on HQ needs a run right before it can be played. The complete HQ is archived. With Synchronized Attack on HQ the Corporation can spend bits to retain cards.

If the Runner is interested in depleting bitpool the Synchronized Attack on HQ is a valuable weapon. But it performs the same, when the pool is already depleted.

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