Name: Tycho Extension
Commonality: Vital
Difficulty: 4
Type: Agenda - Asset
Game Text: -
Agendapoints: 4
Illustrator: Lawrence Brown
Sets: v1.0

Card Spotlight by Benjamin C Ford

Another Look at Tycho

Everyone knows about the main advantage from Tycho Extension, getting four agenda points for only four difficulty. This only requires the Corporation to get two of them to win and even provides an extra agenda point that can be invested in an ACME Savings & Loan. The basic setup is a collection of five Tycho Extensions. Some crafty Corporations prefer to sub in an AI Chief Financial Officer for one of the Tycho Extensions; however, this article will mostly be taking a look at the pure setup.

Looking at the basic five Tycho Extension setup, another advantage of the Tycho Extension shows itself. The time it takes to get the Tycho Extensions is rather low. The Corporation will typically find the two needed Tycho Extensions in the top 40% of R&D. Even while it becomes easy for the Corporation to get the needed Tycho Extensions, it is also difficult for the Runner to nab one because they only occupy 11% of a 45 card R&D. Even if the Runner is lucky enough to steal one Tycho Extension, the Corporation will still only need to go through 60% of R&D for the other two needed.

Other agenda setups do not compare as well. Look at a group of six 3 point agendas such as Corporate War. Here, the Corporation needs to score three of them, which requires going through 50% of R&D on average. This clearly takes longer than Tycho Extensions. The Runner stealing one or two bumps the percentage up to 66% or 83% respectively. Few Corporations are in good position to win the game after the time it takes to get through 80% of R&D. The Runner has a higher chance to nab an agenda from R&D as an additional card is an agenda with this setup. Looking at many other normal setups continue to show Tycho Extension having a percentage edge.

Some agenda setups do edge out the Tycho Extension plan in this analysis. The famous World Domination only needs 17% of R&D for the winning agenda. It does take some planning to prevent the Runner from stealing it from the SDF before it is scored, but wins the game in one shot otherwise. Another plan that works is eightteen 1 point agendas. Its very close in needed to go through 39% but it is better. Here the Runner has a very good chance of nabbing a few agendas, thus prolonging the process. Due to the ratio between difficultity and agenda points, only a loop of the difficultity reducing agendas is really feasible.

There are some ways this is balanced out. Other agendas give the Corporation an advantage for scoring them. In particular, Corporate War with its 12 bit bonus helps the Corp to make it through the extra stretch of turns that it needs.

One might wonder why five Tychos Extensions edge out all other setups percentagewise. One reason is that it contains 20 agenda points in a 45 card deck. If you stick 10 2-point agendas in a 45 card deck, then the amount of R&D needed to be gotten through is the same but the Runner has a better chance of being able to nab an adgenda. Even if you put the five Tychos in a 50 card deck, getting two Tychos in 40% of the deck is only 20 cards while getting three Corporate Wars in a 45 card deck is 22.5 cards, which still takes longer to go through.

Tycho Extensions prove to be a solid choice is the Corporation chooses to push its agenda plan through quickly. It is also a compact choice, leaving more room in R&D for cards to help slug it out in the long haul. Tycho Extensions can fit into many corporate plans.

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