Guidelines for the Use of DCI Reporter 1.5 with Netrunner tournaments


Before the program ist even started up, I should be informed that a tournament is going to be held. Tournament data should include: - date (in the format dd.mmm.yyyy, e. g., 12.Feb.2001) - name of the tournament - tournament format (Constructed/Limited) - city, country, ZIP code - phone number (complete with country access code, please) - head judge's DCI number in the 8-digit format (only if head judge does not participate in the tournament; otherwise, make a note that the 3-Judge-System is being used). Please email these tournament data to: If you have contact to your local DCI Administrator or somebody who can upload tournament results of Magic tournaments you can give him this information instead.

Setup for a new Tournament

Select Create New Tournament in the menu file (or press Ctrl-N). Now check the box that says "Netrunner". The option for team play does not work in connection with Netrunner just now, but will be enabled as soon as possible. The tournament should then be given a name, corresponding to the one mailed to me earlier. As sanctioning number, enter WO-99-999999. I will then replace it with the correct number. Afterwards, also enter the number of rounds to be played. In a pinch, this can be altered later if you select Tournament Setup in the File menu (or press Ctrl-S).

Player Registration

Select Players in the Edit menu (or press F2). Here, all players are simply entered. PIN is a player's DCI number. Please do not enter TRC tags, since they are not needed for the transmission of the data. All players must have a DCI number. In case a player does not have one, a new number must be assigned. If a player refuses to be assigned a DCI number, he or she may either not participate in the tournament, or the tournament cannot be considered for the world ranking list. After the tournament, players' data can be saved for future tournaments in an individual little file by selecting Local Players in the File menu (or pressing Ctrl-L) and using the Add Tournament button. Should such a file already exist and be currently open, the program will automatically supply the corresponding name if given a PIN number.

The Tournament

Select Pairing in the Perform menu (or press F7). Pairings for a new round will now be generated. The pairings can be reviewed once more or printed by selecting Pairings by Player either in the View menu (or pressing F5) or the Print menu (or pressing F9), respectively. If needed, paper slips to be filled out by the players after each match can be printed out by selecting Result Entry Slips in the Print menu. The results are then entered after selecting Results Entry in the Edit menu (or pressing F3). Just enter the corresponding results for each player and generate pairings for a new round when all results have been entered.

The Winner

During the tournament as well as afterwards, an actual ranking list can be reviewed by selecting Standings in the View menu (or pressing F6) or printed out by selecting Standings in the Print menu (or pressing F11). This list also incorporates the points scored as Corp and Runner by each player, in case they should be of interest.

After the tournament

Just pack all files related to the tournament (recognizable by the tournament code in the filename) and email them to me ( or wherever you sent your registration data. This should be done within seven days after the tournament.