What does a Rated Player have to know

All players start with a rating of exactly 1600 points. When a player wins a game his new rating is calculated using a formula developed by the World Chess Federation, called ELO. This system is also used by the DCI for the World Ranking list in TOG.

newValue = oldValue + k*( (GMP/3) - (1/ (10^(diff/400) +1) ) )
GMP are the number of GMP points scored in that round.
diff the the difference in points to the opponent, before the match.
k is 32 if you are under 2100 points, 24 if you are between 2100 and 2400 points and 16 if you have more than 2400 points.

When a players plays a match he gets points calculated by the difference in ratingpoints to his opponent. If a higher rated player wins he'll get less points and the loser will lose less points, and vice versa. Though if you play a draw, the higher ranked player will lose points, and the lower ranked will win points.

The maximum points a player can win or lose is the k-Value. I'm thinking about changing this value as they did with m:tog, but not so complicated, to reflect the size of a tournament. But I didn't come up with something that suited me for now.

Any time a player reaches 2100 points, he will get a new factor by which the point diffrence is multiplicated. Actually he may get so well, that he will have a harder time to get more points. Any time a player reaches this point, he can be truely called an expert.

The points in the Ranking List are all rounded, so ratings like 1629.83953298034521239353 are avoided. Don't worry, the database keeps the unrounded rating for the next match.

The difference between the ranked list and the other list is that you will be included in the unranked list after your first match, so that every player can see his point numbers. But as soon as you hit the 16 matches to reflect that you played enough games to take it as useful start ranking, you are included in the ranked list.

If you realise that there are any spelling errors in your name or the name of a friend of yours, let me know and it will be corrected.

The Ranking Lists were started in January 1997. They include allmost every tournaments I know about from January the 1st till now, except for a few ones were I couldn't find anyone to send me the information after the tournament.

If you want to get sure that they tournament your playing in will find its way to me. Speak with the Tournament coordinator and give him my email address: nagy@darkpact.de, or convince him to give the results to you so you could send them to me.

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