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A Netrunner Trivia by Matthias Nagy

Welcome To The Netrunner Weekly Trivia Contest

Welcome to the first trivia installment on The Netrunner Weekly. This trivia should shorten the wait for Netrunner ClassicTM which will be released late this year together with some Pre-Realease Tournaments coming in November. Everybody who cannot await the cards, here's your job!

There are two ways to contend this trivia, and you may only contend in one of them.

If you take the wrong links you are lead to nodes which guide you in the wrong direction. If you answer to many or to important question wrong, Arasaka will find you and flatline your avatar. You can try again, and you are welcome to do it.

Look in the rules to find out what to do with your answers.

Hack In

Big thanks to Jennifer Clarke Wilkes for the prize support.

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