Limited Draft

Some Tournament Playing Variants by Matthias Nagy

This Limited format is for everybody who thinks that Sealed Deck is still a great mater of luck. In this format you have much more decisions to make and the chance that you err is bigger the less you know about this game.

Important points

  1. Don't split the cards and make two drafts. That steals a lot of the original Netrunner feelings and only steals more time, which is already crucial in this enviorment. It is really no problem to draft both side at the same time. At least we had no problems the many times we did one. After the first boosters you also get a feeling for choosing the right side.
  2. You need additional vitals beside the boosters. Don't let the player bring their own breakers or agendas. This cruel idea destroys the complete idea behind a limited format. Bring some sets of vital cards (one set = all 22 different vitals of one side) for both sides. Everthing concerning this is described later.
  3. Every player needs eight boosters. We usaly take 6 Limited and 2 Proteus. But going with 8 Limited is also fine. If you think you want to use more boosters feel free but remember that the format becomes less and less limited the more boosters you add. You shouldn't go with less boosters because then the point comes where you have no chance to construct useful decks, and the luck factor raises up.
  4. If you spot somebody who only drafts for the rares, you may want to use the variant described below.
  5. This format is very time consuming. We needed about 2-3 hours only for the draft before we could start build decks. The rounds themselves went faster with about only 60 minutes for both games. Nontheless you should be prepared in advance and start earlier or check if you can stay longer wherever you play.

Booster Draft

Every player sits around some big tables. Split the players evenly around the tables, but don't put more than eight players around one table (e.g.: If you have 16 players put two tables up with 8 players. If you have 17 players put two table up with 6 players and one table with 5 players). Each player sorts his boosters in the following way: Ltd, Ltd, Prt, Ltd, Ltd, Prt, Ltd, Ltd. If you use another combination of booster try to come up with something logical too. At least the first two booster should be from Ltd, since they give you some key cards for your decks.

If you open a Ltd booster, the two vital cards automatically go to the opening player (these are usally the 8th and 9th card from the front). After this the players starts to draft. Each player takes one card from the booster he hold in his hand and raise his hand to show that he drafted. When all players raised their hands everybody gives their cards to the left and takes the cards from the right. Again they choose a card and raise their hand, until all cards are drafted from that booster. When you upon up the next booster the order is reversed, that means that you give your cards to the right and you get new cards from the left. The order changes everytime you upen a new booster.

Before each booster is opened remember every player they should draft both sides, and they should remember this when looking at their cards. We never had this situation, but if it really comes to it that a player has not enough cards for a legal deck (at least 45) he automatically looses all games of that side.

Variant: We play it that way that the Rare in the 1st and 6th Booster (1st Limited and 2nd Proteus) go to the pot. The winner of the tournament gets half the pot and the second and third place split the rest. To be fair, we shuffle the pot, and split the cards in two piles. The player sees the top card of each pile and choses one of the piles. This way he didn't take all cool rares, and the rest only gets the junk.

After all boosters are drafted take the vitals and mix them so that everybody would get six runner and five corp vitals (e.g.: If you have 12 players take three sets of runner vitals and randomly an additional six from a fourth set, then take two sets of corp vitals and randomly sixteen additional vitals from a third set). Mix all the runner vitals and corp vitals and make piles of eleven cards each (six runner and five corp). Give each player one of these piles at random. Now comes the last drafting round, in which each player takes two cards: one corp and one runner.

After an additional time to build their decks the players can play the tournament normaly.

Rochester Draft

This one is much trickyer. Give each player on each table a number.

The first player opens his first pack and puts his card in the middle with four rows of three or four cards each. The opening player automatically draft the two vital cards if it is a limitd booster. Then wait at least twenty seconds before you continue. Each player should know what is lying on the table. After this the the player starts to draft. The first player takes one card from the ones in the middle. Then the other players do the same going clockwise, leaving about three seconds between each player to see who takes what. After the eighth player you continue counterclockwise beginning with the eighth player going back to the second. This order is important (1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-8-7-6-5-4-3-2), leaving the first player the first pick but thats all from that booster. Except you have less players on the table (e.g. 6 player it would go like this: 1-2-3-4-5-6-6-5-4-3-2-1-1-2-3) If you also have less cards to pick (like from a limited booster) you stop when the last card is drafted.

The players put all card they draft on one pile! This is important otherwise you have problems likewhich pile is mine and which is yours. They can change the order of all the cards in this pile, as long as the top card, the last one drafted is visible. The more you draft the more you understand this rule.

Now the second player opens his first booster and puts it up on the table. The drafting order now is: 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-1-1-8-7-6-5-4-3. You continue up to the eighth player. After his first booster you now "start" with the eighth players second booster and going counterclockwise back to the first player and from him clockwise back to player 7 (8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-1-2-3-4-5-6-7). So like in the booster draft in rochester draft the second booster goes the other way round the table then the first.

After all boosters again build up the vitals and make a last draft round with each player picking one corp and one runner vital.

Continues Draft

This one is horrible for a tournament as it is much more time consuming as it may look like. As such it is much more usable in a league format. Each player opens his packs and looks through them. Then all cards gets shuffled with the cards of his opponent. The first player starts to deal four of the cards out and pick one of them, the other player picks two and the first player takes the last. Now the other player deals out four cards and picks one.

The player continue with this until all cards are drafted. Then everyone builds a deck out of the cards drafted. After the two games played, each player keeps the cards he drafted and goes with them to the next player starting again with shuffling and drafting.
It may look more inteligent to make an extra draft of all the vitals. In this case also give some random vital to each player with his booster.

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