Team Sealed Deck

A Playing Variant by Matthias Nagy

This multiplayer format has proven to be very interesting and funny. It's a type of sealed deck with two players working together and fighting together for victory. If they win they win together and if they lose they lose together.

The Decks

Each member of a team gets one starter and two boosters, making two starters and four boosters for the team. We even made experiences with one starter and ten boosters for the team, and I would say it's even better and much more fun.
The team opens up all cards and throw them together to a big pile of cards. Now they have to build out of these cards four decks, two corp and two runner, one of each for each team member.

This is much more difficult than it might seem. The decks that comes out may be above normal sealed standart, but only if one player gets all the sugars and the other the trash. The players have discuss their playing styles together and work together on a good average for both players. You have to decide who gets the Newsgroup Filter. Winning half the games, and that has been proven, gives you no chance for a top spot in the final. All decks have to work an their own. But many styles have more chance to be played with the larger pool. It's not unusal to see one Corp with a deadly tag'n'bag which is almost constructed standard and the other with a hyperfast speed advance deck. But they still have to decide who gets the Account Recievable and who the BBS Whispering Campaign.

A word about Proteus:
One of these tournaments was without Proteus. The difference is that you have a higher chance to get all the important cards like Jack'n'Joe, Score! and Accounts Recievable. But if you play with Proteus you have cool chance of seeing a Bad Publicity deck in the lights of a sealed and you have the hidden resources which are truly powerful.

The Tournament

The Team gives itself a name and each member gets a letter asigned, one is player A and the other is player B. Then tournament itself has its very own structure. Each team will be paired against another team. Nerver ever split the team members or even let them play against each other, that is not what this format is for. Both members of a team are seated next to each other, so the partner can see what's going on in his teammates game. Player A plays vs player A and player B vs player B. The A players decide who goes first and the teammates have to play the opposite site. So if player A plays Corp his partner B has to play Runner.

They do not play together like in The Big Sell Out or other multiplayer formats, each of these players have their own game, but they can talk to each other and help each other while playing, they can give each other hints and can discuss certain situations in the other players game. So it's absolutly correct if a player asks his teammate if he should play this or that.

These two games played simultansly (one player as Corp and the other as Runner) are counted together as one match. So if both players win their first match they gain 3 GMP. If one player is faster than his teammate he has to wait for the partner before they can start the second game togehter with the other roles. They do not swap decks. Each player has still his own two decks which he keeps for the remainder of the tournament.

Winner should be the team with the most GMP at the end of the tournament.

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