Third World Revolt

A playing Variant by Stephen Holodinsky


Governor Nero Michaelis didn't like being disturbed while dining, his people knew that. Running the Republic of Yamaka was no small affair, and his meals were reserved for contemplation. His people KNEW that. He had just found out that yesterday that there had been an explosion in the Northern Lab, not a good development. With Yamaka Hy, the younger, expected at 19:00, this was going to take serious thought. The latest reports indicated that it would be two days before the lab would be functionable at minimum, Hy would be here for three. If that facility were still down when he left, heads would roll, and his would be one of them.
"Curse this plague infested place", he thought aloud shooing a Whizzer away from his breakfast. "Why did they send me here anyway? I was happy at head office."
He knew why of course, Yamaka the younger. With his father retiring in two years, junior wanted to start bringing in his own team. He being one of the older execs, and one not too close to the son at that, well...
"This Ahmad character won't leave Sir, he says it's about the lab," a voice interupted. It was Wayne Marshall, his Security Director. He'd seen action almost everywhere, even on Tyco. That's where he lost his right eye. It had been replaced of course, company health plan and all. The new one actually was better than the original from what the files said. Able to detect heat sources from 200 meters.
He didn't need to see anyone right now, but Dr. Ahmad Belengi, especially today, with the arrival of his future boss, was an exception. It was important to keep the natives on your side in the face of the enemy, and as Ahmad was their elected representative... He rose from his chair, dabbed his mouth with a napkin, and walked stiffly to the door of the audience.
"The heat on this island could be unbearable sometimes," Nero thought silently entering the chamber. The Governer's Mansion, situated on a hill overlooking the capital of Jilna from the south, was a castle some 700 years old. When Yamaka Special Forces had stormed it 7 years ago, they had blown a hole in the north wall of the study as it then was. It had been converted to a balcony with form-fitted glass that nothing short of atomics could penetrate. Outside, the walls were of the original Haldiphite, the prevelant mineral on Yamaka. Fifty thousand volts of electricity coursing through them tended to discourage further attacks. It was for this that the firm had come here in the first place.
Haldiphite was valued because of it's flexibility and conductivity. It was the next generation in telecommunications, as Yamaka, the elder, had correctly foreseen when he had 'invested' in this island. The Northeren Lab had been experimenting with their possible uses in military technology, when it went up in flames yesterday. Yamaka, the younger, was coming to see the results of those experiments.
"Has he been scanned?" the Governor asked his SD, before allowing the representative in.
"Yes Sir." Wayne nodded and continued. "He says he has results you've been requesting from the experiment."
"Good news indeed!" Michaelis pondered inwardly. "Show him in."
Dr. Ahmad Belengi was a bit on the short side for a Yamaka native. Balding, nearly as old as himself, he had never married, being too dedicated to his research for social gamemanship.
"I have it, Your Excellency, I have the solution!" The scientist exclaimed entering the audience, skipping the formalities. This gained a look of disapproval from the soldier, but it was waved off by Michaelis. "I can show it to you, right now if you like."
"You allowed him to bring it here?" bellowed the merc through the closed door.
"It's okay, Wayne, we need results, and we need them yesterday. Go on."
"Excuse me a moment" the chemist started, retreating and then returning through the door. He was rolling a table with a small cannister and several pieces of metal in front of him. "We tried a few different variants, but the one we found to be the most effective was Thurium-Chloride." He then reached into his pocket and pulled out a pair of rubber gloves. This," he stated donning them," is the world's first electro-bullet. Here put these on." he montioned the other two men to more gloves Michaelis now noticed on the cart. "It can take down a Cyber-Merc in one shot." Wayne Marshall, glanced nervously at his counterpart, before taking ahold of the slug. "Not to worry, Captain, your men checked me. You need a gun to fire it, just like any other. "Once it has impacted, it fires off a 500 volt jolt of electricity, enough to short out any cyberware the target might be using. A beefed up version of this could down an entire security system long enough to stage a well co-ordinated assault."
"Interesting, potentially very useful indeed." Michaelis replied impressed. "I don't need to ask you opinion of this, do I Wayne?" Not waiting for an answer, he then turned to the scientist again. "And the cannister, what's in the cannister?"
"It's something I'm still working on, it's not yet complete."
"Well, what is it?" the eldest prodded, thinking of the possibilities if he were able to show the younger two new applications for Haldiphite.
"It's like this. We all know how condusive Haldiphite is" he began, opening the cannister."Here is a liquified version, that has been mixed with Serium to keep it liquified at room temperature. We were thinking of what we could do if we could instill the same properties in it as this bullet. Don't worry," he reassured, seeing the Captain fingering his holster,"I said I'm still working on it. It's not active." He then pulled out an orangelo and began peeling it. "However, we think we have something even better. We have found," the doctor explained pausing to take a bite from his fruit, "that when mixed with citric acid, we get a reaction that some might call," the native dropped the fruit into the cannister "explosive."

"Lawrence Billington for WNS here. We are live in Jilna the capital of the Haldiphite-rich Republic of Yamaka and all hell has broken loose here, if you can excuse my use of the English language. As far as we know, the entire native population of this island revolted, as if on cue, when a major explosion erupted in the Governor's Mansion, just south of here. The security forces have been over-run, and the heli-jet carrying Yamaka Hy, the younger, was shot out of the sky killing all aboard as it approached Jilna International Airport. Pete, it really is complete chaos here. Nobody owns anything anymore. Every thief, highwayman, scavenger and thug is having a field-" THWACK. THUD
"Lawrence? Lawrence?"
"Quick, you get the drone-cam, I'll rifle his pockets."

The Rules

Third World Revolt is a NR variant on the Sealed Deck. Each participant starts with 1 Limited Starter, 1 Limited Booster, and 1 Proteus Booster. The Starters are opened first. Each player has 5 minutes to remove 6 Runner Cards and 6 Corp cards from the Starter. That Starter is then passed 1 player to the right and the procedure is repeated. The player who receives that starter after 12 Runner Cards and 12 Corp Cards have been removed keeps the rest as the basis of his deck. The Limited Boosters are then opened and each player has 1 minute to remove 2 cards from it, before passing it to the left. This procedure is repeated until there are 9 cards left. The person with those 9 cards keeps them for his decks. The Proteus Boosters are then opened and distributed similarly to the Limited Boosters only this time the passing is to the right. Each player now has 30 minutes to build his decks.
Sideboarding from the cards a player has but has not included in his deck is, as per Sealed Deck, allowed between matches.
An option here, if you are playing for the rares in the decks is to record them before playing. That way it is possible to draft them as prizes, or to chose among the different decks (i.e. the 1st place player may chose from all the decks/sideboards and takes the one he likes the most. The 2nd place player then choses...)

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